Du dro med tåken
Forsvant med mørke
Kom aldri tilbake
Det er så fredfullt nå

Ingrid Halle – Tåketilstand

Over the past two years singer-songwriter Ingrid Halle has been working on her second album named “Tåketanker”.
It explores a state of chaos, anxiety, confusion and proximity through its lyrics and soundscape.

It was easy to say yes when Halle asked proposed for me the idea for her new album and the thought of making a visual piece for each of the songs on the album.
Halle is an incredibly skilled writer and when I heard her songs, I was immidiately brought into a state where ideas and pictures are floating around inside my head.
I’ve been working with the feeling these songs give me and translated them into visual pieces.

A number of different techniques has been used in order to communicate these feelings; Layering of multiple images to communicate the duality and doubt.
The water is a central element in this photoseries – The water communicates the both the proximity and the isolated feeling I was after.
Some of the photos are from my archive, simply because they communicated the music the way I wanted.

The album was released the 11th of february 2022 and can be found on Spotify and Youtube.