Hilsen Stemme Lengter

“Hilsen Stemme Lengter” (2020)

This was my first real photo project. It was based upon the songs from Ingvild Homme’s album “Stemme Lengter” (2018).
It became an important project for me; “Stemme lengter” means “longing voice” and it became a way for me to explore my own voice; both my photographic voice, but also my inner voice.
Did I find my voice? My photographic voice – perhaps. My inner voice – I think is a lifelong pursuit to get to know completely.

I’ve tried to capture the feeling and the mood of each and every song.
Make sure to check out Ingvild’s music, it’s an experience.
“Hilsen Stemme Lengter” was exhibited at Høstpunkt 2020 in Skien, Norway.

Check out some of the works below: