Marius Ystad

I see the forest, surrounding me like a warm, green blanket.
The birds, messengers of inpiration and thoughts.
A mushroom slowly shoves its head through the dirt.
The feeling of the water in the lake, like swimming in the depths of my emotions.
A starry night, the endless unknowns of this world.
How can I not feel the spark of creativity when I live in this mystical place called earth.

Marius Ystad describes himself as a creative photographer.
Living in the beautiful nature of Norway, which often can be seen in his works.
After a longer break Marius found motivation to keep photographing when he started to work on the project «Hilsen Stemme Lengter».
He saw that he could use the photography to express his emotions and that the magic dust to create photos is to put your soul into them.
Marius found his toolbox of skills he had developed over a number of years and started working with them to create images that let you
into his inner world and touch the feelings we rarely speak about.
They balance on the borderline between the outer and the inner world and explores the reflection of our self in the world around us.

The project «Hilsen Stemme Lengter» was exhibited at Spriten Kunsthall, Skien in the fall 2020.