Of all places, in me

I am walking. In me. My life on the inside. I have these amazing forests full of plants and animals hiding in the leaves. There’s lots of life in between the beams of the sun, which full of warmth softly shunes through the green ambience. I take extra care of some of the trees. Watering and nurturing them every day, so that the can grow strong. So that they are able to withstand the hard weather.
But there are also some darker places. Places where you should not go. Abandoned and derelict houses. Keep out. I know there are creatures hiding inside, in the shadows. In the rooms where no light can reach. They move without a sound when you look away. And they will reach for you with their cold hands, trying to grab you. There are places so good hidden that even I have a hard time finding them. And when I find them, it’s easy to get stuck there. Nobody should go there. Not me. Nor anyone else. But if you still are going there, you should bring two things; a matchbox and molotow cocktails. It’s best to burn it down. Once. And for all.
And maybe. Just maybe. Does this world not only excist on the inside.

The people who know what to look for will see it on the outside. Like a projection on the world around. You think it’s a hidden world, when in reality it is really there.

“Of all places, in me” is a story about our inner life, about the truths we project upon ourselves and about the supposed truths we project on the world around us.